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Current Licensing Process

All the aerodromes in India had been developed over a period of time and there was no strict regulatory control over the aerodromes as they were maintained by governments directly and such bodies were performing dual functions of the regulator and service provider both. These airports have been upgraded in terms of the runway and associated facilities on the need basis. In view of the large number of aerodromes to be licensed, a phased approach was taken by the regulator i.e. DGCA of India, wherein priority was given to licensing the international aerodromes in the first phase.

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Note:Make sure you have Metamask Wallet installed on your browser.
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Configure your metamask by creating a new account.

Now set the network to Main Net.

Keep note of the Ethereum Address.

1. Go to the Registeration Page.

2. Fill in your name.

3. Mention the Ethereum Address [As mentioned in Metamask Wallet].

4. Mention your Passport Number for Verification.

5. Provide your contact details.

6. Authorize the Mail-id and password for Login.

7. Accept the terms and Conditions and click on Register.

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1. Login using the mail-id and password.

2. You can now easily access your client dashboard.

3. Click on "Create A New Application" to start the Licensing process.


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